Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sprayscape?

Sprayscape is a perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera for capturing faces, places, and spaces. It’s an app created by Google Creative Lab as an Android Experiment.

Do I need a Google account to use Sprayscape?

You can make and save as many scapes as you like without sharing. A Google account is required only when you share your scape via link share.

Why do I have to sign in to Google Drive?

We want you to be in control of your content at all times. We built Sprayscape to store your shared scapes on your own Google Drive account.

Who can see my shared scapes?

Until you share a scape, it is private to you. However, once you share a scape it is viewable by anyone with the share URL. Sign-in is not required to view. This means that if your friend posts the URL somewhere or shares the URL with additional people it will be viewable by anyone who visits the URL.

Can I make my shared scapes private?

Shared scapes are public and cannot be set to private, but they can be deleted.

How do I delete a shared scape?

Delete the file from Drive, then select the file in your Trash and click "Delete forever".

If I delete a scape on my phone, is it also deleted from Drive?

Local scapes (saved on your phone) are saved separately from shared scapes (saved on Drive). If you delete a scape on your phone, it is not deleted from Drive automatically.

Where can I see a gallery of all of my shared scapes?

You can see all of your shared scapes after you sign in to the web app in the upper right hand corner.

Can I delete my Sprayscape account?

Yes. Deleting your account removes all of your data and is a permanent action that cannot be undone. All scapes shared via link will no longer be accessible but the original scape files will remain saved in the Sprayscape folder on your Google Drive. If you wish to delete those you can do so from Drive. To delete your account, follow the steps here.

Is it VR?

We call it VR-ish. When you use Sprayscape, you are taking photos on a 360 degree sphere. When you view a scape you’re looking around media oriented to 360 space. And it’s viewable in Cardboard.

What is Android Experiments?

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